8 rules to keep your woman happy

Gentlemen, you may have actually believed that women are not easy to deal with and wondered where you would get a user’s manual. If you asked women what they would call the women’s rules of happiness, you would be surprised at the kind of answers you would elicit from them. Since you may not be in a position to keep on asking around, we are going to let you in on the secret. Here are the simple rules that make a woman happy.

Rules of happiness

1)      Be original – if you want to make a woman in your life happy you are better of beginning with the original bit of yourself. You may want to behave like a ‘bad boy’ simply because rumors abound that ‘bad boys’ are always winners with women. Women’s rules of happiness demand that you don’t try to imitate someone she did not fall in love with in the first place.

2)      Small things make a difference – it is not necessarily the expensive gifts that will make a woman happy but the little tings you are likely to ignore. Small things such as picking up the groceries on her behalf or buying her a packet of her favorite candy speak volumes to the heart of woman because they communicate that you are always thinking about her.

3)      Show appreciation – those niceties that you do to total strangers such as using the words, please, excuse me, thank you; I’m sorry mean quite a lot to a woman. There are many good things that your woman does for you that you truly appreciate but have never told her plainly that you do – please do it now.

4)      Avoid having a wandering eye – many women believe that men can never stay without wandering after every other skirt wearer. Every time you are with your woman you will need to prove to her that you are made of better material by not ogling at other women around you. You must be mindful of the way you look at other women lest you behave in a way that will harass your woman’s self confidence.

5)      Laughter the best medicine – the other important one of women’s rules of happiness is your ability to maintain a good sense of humor. When you always have something for her to laugh about, she will have a hard time trying to get annoyed of some small issues.

6)        Stay well groomed – women care so much not only about their own appearance but that of their men as well. You must learn to eat healthy, stay trim and clean shaven, dress straight stylish clothes and out on a nice fragrance.

7)      Know her family and friends – when you get interested in her friends and family you communicate that her life and interests are important to you because they are the ones who shaped the person she is currently.

8)      Be thoughtful – let her know that you care about her by letting her know where you are or even when you are going to get late. She needs to know some of these things ahead of time and she will be glad you value her welfare.

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