Find out why most women fear sex for the first time

There are many couples who wait until they get married in order to discover sex for the very first time. Whereas they have heard and read stories about how pleasant sex is meant to be, they are generally filled with the fear of the unknown and perhaps the fear that it will be a boring or painful encounter. You need to gather all the necessary information that the fear of first time sex will not simply destroy your first night together.

Create the correct ambiance

Fear of first time sex

The room where you are going to have first time sex with your new spouse needs to be arranged systematically and romantically using the best beddings, pillows and even an elegant comforter. Where you can, arrange some flowers and at least drop some petals on the bed as well as arranging for some soft lighting and if your lake it, a light with s dimmer; the clean and elegant room with help to relax your moods.

Dress sexy

You need to go on a dress in a sexy manner because anything less than that could actually kill the mood especially of your woman who may be having fear for first time sex.  You do not want to dress in something that will erode your self confidence by creating any semblance of stress.  Get the sexiest underwear for your self and some nice lingerie for your spouse.


If your wife is going to have sex for the very first time she will be afraid that it will be painful. Men are ready for sex the moment their penis stands erect but not so for a woman. Her vaginal canal must become moist in order for penetration to occur. You will need to work up your woman in order for her vagina to moisten naturally. This could involve anything like hugging, touching, kissing, oral sex as well as wet kissing all of which will enhance lubrication in readiness for penetration.

Choose the correct position

The difference between pain and lack of it for first time sex will greatly depend on the style and position. The best position would be with the woman on top because she is actually able to control the level of penetration. This way, she will cut down on any little pain she may feel and manage some level of pleasure for her first time sexual experience.

Proper breathing

You will need to ask the women to breathe in and out during the initial penetration as this has a way of lessening that initial pain and will also help her to relax and feel much better. Just in order to keep things well organized you may plan to have a clean towel underneath the pillow because some women will bleed when the hymen is broken and this could mess up the entire bed. The bleeding could actually happen for a few days but no need to worry because that is perfectly normal.

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