How to give your lady a perfect massage in bed

Giving your woman a perfect massage comes loaded with a number of wonderful benefits that will help to endear her to you. A good erotic massage will help your woman to relax her muscles and bones as well as drive away toxins from her system to leave her feeling energetic, sexy and warm. You only need to have some blanket, clean sheets, candles and some oil.

Perfect massage

Prepare the room

A nice erotic massage will happen in a room that has been prepared by ensuring especially that the temperature is just perfect for the job. You do not want to do the massage in a room that will have you warm yet she is freezing so check out the temperature by also being undressed. You could enhance the ambiance of the room adding some smooth lighting such as some candle or any other romantic lightning as you may please. Lay her down on a soft mat and make sure that all other areas not receiving the massage are covered up.

Ease gradually into the massage

As soon as everything is set for the business, relax by taking a deep slow breath and ask her to do likewise. You can imagine what it will feel like to get your hands all over her all of a sudden without any prior preparation. You must begin your erotic massage ever so gently with your hands romantically on scalp or back without making any movement for a few minutes. This will make sure that her body adjusts to the touch of your hands before you begin the massage slowly. Your hands must be warm enough before you touch her for a perfect massage.

Progress systematically

As you begin the massage make sure you don’t go all over her body without a plan. Begin from one point and then move on to the next adjoining part of the body without skipping some parts as you go. The secret of a perfect erotic massage is to have it flowing systematically and in a relaxing manner. You must also make sure you use just enough pressure that will make her comfortable.

Dwell on sensitive areas

In order to be a perfect masseur for your woman you need to know what areas are tense because it is possible that those parts hurt. Be careful especially when dealing with areas of the shoulders, neck and back so that you spend just a little more time on them. Do not be tempted to dig out deep onto her body because you are not a real professional so as to avoid any injuries that could occur. You will also need to keep on the communication with your partner as move on making sure to discuss only relaxing issues as you progress.

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